We provide full-service Public Relations and Events services. Notwithstanding the nature of business, you are involved in, CFO & Associates can develop a Public Relations approach that adapts flawlessly with your existing marketing and increases your corporate or product brand exposure. Below is a snapshot of what we deliver.

  • Media relations
  • Editorial development and placement
  • Media and communication counsel
  • Issues management
  • End to End event management
  • Guest list management
  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Digital marketing
  • Strategic blogger engagement
  • Social Media content strategies
  • Online publishing
  • Stakeholder liaison

How We Do What We Do

  • We pay attention to you

Our approach starts by we getting your brief. During this process, we pay immense attention to you. This enables us to comprehend and have a correct knowledge of your business and goals. Then we work together as a team to set practical, tangible goals and knock them out.  You’ll always know what’s happening and what you can expect throughout the campaign.  Our clients repeatedly commend us on our excellent communication and our ability to meet their expectations

  • We appreciate

We appreciate the fact that bottom-line results are of vital importance to you. We always have that entrenched in our being. Our clients tell us that return on investment from our campaigns is excellent & easily quantifiable. This can only come about from a clear understanding of the client’s situation, unique expectations and the media industry at large

  • We go the extra mile

Our secret is in the little extra we bring to the table that make the huge difference. Clients trust us to deliver better results because we always go the extra mile in every facet of their projects. In many cases these clients are surprised, positively overwhelmed and amazed by the coverage, credibility and exposure we achieve for them — and at the impact it has on their businesses